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Mind Candies For A Lousy Day - A Short And Snappy Guide

RRP $13.99

Just type the word stress in any internet search engine and it will throw up a million pieces of information on it and the harm it can cause. Mankind (and even animals and plants) has always been plagued by stress from ages. On our planet the number of reasons why people get stressed or agitated could run into thousands. For example, the modern crazy workplace is one of the single biggest sources of stress for employees and their families. A stressed out employee can not only cause problems for himself, but also cause various problems to all his family members. And you cannot simply ignore stress as it is a serious health matter and will deteriorate you with time. So what do you do? The common methods of stress reduction are attending mind-body workshops like meditation, yoga, going to a counsellor, or taking some prescribed medicines, etc. But such methods take time, cost and effort. However, there is another stress management technique that is simple, cost-effective, non-medicinal and extremely powerful. And you don't need any professional help to use this technique unless you are a severe medical case. This is the technique of regularly reading Inspirational quotes by famous personalities over the ages. How will reading quotes help? It has often been observed that a short piercing sentence, a stinging insult, or a chance remark by someone can have a terrific impact on you than a long sermon or advice. For example, I remember reading a true story of a bankrupt businessman on his way to commit suicide suddenly stopped in his rogue pursuit by accidentally reading an inspirational quote on some billboard. So a famous quote actually saved his life by giving him a sudden dose of inspiration to continue with life no matter what. Such is the power of an inspirational quote. This inspirational effect is very similar to how a small pin can puncture a high pressure balloon or a car type. And most inspirational quotes are also short piercing sentences of wisdom that can puncture your high stress and change your life in an instant. It is like taking an aspirin for the tormented mind. So whenever you are feeling doubtful about your own abilities, when disappointments are staring at your face, and you don't see any light at the end of the tunnel simply dive into some great quotes in this book, and you will begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow. And if you make a habit of reading inspirational quotes regularly you will experience a stark difference in the way you think, act and behave henceforth. Like tiny homeopathic medicines, these gems of wisdom can gradually make you calmer, handle criticism, understand mankind better and become well equipped to tackle life's ups and downs. But what is a mind candy? Instead of calling them inspirational quotes I call them as mind candies because they make your mind sweet, just like regular candies make your taste buds happy. Thousands of such literary gems have been stated by hundreds of famous personalities over the ages. This book contains a list of carefully selected mind candies to puncture your bad moods created for the usual reasons like hopelessness, fear of the future, insecurity, bad bosses, family and health troubles, city life, etc. Hope you will like them and more importantly read them regularly. Why read regularly? That is because stress is like dust and will invade your mind again and again, so it must be dusted again and again. So let us start.

A Guide To Discursive Organizational Psychology

RRP $323.99

This lively guide showcasing original and carefully curated research illustrates the dynamic relationship between discourse and organizational psychology. It maps the origins and development of discursive approaches in the field of organizational psychology and provides a timely review of the challenges that may confront researchers in the years to come, thereby charting the current and future boundaries of the field. A Guide to Discursive Organizational Psychology delineates a potential research agenda for discursive organizational psychology. Contributions include empirically rich discussions of both traditional and widely studied topics such as resistance to change, inclusion and exclusion, participation, multi-stakeholder collaboration and diversity management, as well as newer research topics such as language negotiations, work time arrangements, technology development and discourse analysis as intervention. Discursive devices for addressing these phenomena include interpretative repertoires, modes of ordering, rhetorical strategies and sense-making narratives. This topical book will serve as a guide for students or researchers who are new to discourse analysis in the fields of psychology, organization and management studies, and provide new perspective to anyone seeking to enhance their conceptual and methodological understanding of these fields. It marks a central reference point for anyone interested in the intersection of discursive approaches and organizational psychological phenomena.

Guide Of Thermal Storage Technology

RRP $332.99

Many global environmental issues are being vigorously discussed these days, particularly the topic of reducing CO2, which is caused by the consumption of fossil fuels. Given the trends in contemporary power consumption in Japan, which have a lot to do with the emission of CO2, you will notice a less well known fact: that approximately 30% of power consumed is due to the demand for cooling (air-conditioning). Thus, air-conditioning engineers are now required to carry out an important task in the prevention of global warming by further promoting energy savings in air-conditioning technology. This book describes thermal storage technologies, which is one of the important energy saving approaches involved in air-conditioning, and outlines every aspect of thermal storage beginning with the current global environment, the history of thermal storage systems and principles of heat pumps, up to concepts and design methods of water and ice thermal storage systems. One of the benefits of this book is its easy-to-understand descriptions featuring diverse illustrations and charts and, so to speak, its thematic self-contained chapters. The book will be a helpful guide for people wanting to learn more about thermal storage technology, which is often considered to be "difficult to understand" or "too complex" despite its long history. This book was written mainly for junior building equipment engineers and equipment engineering students.

Social Statistics For A Diverse Society

RRP $273.99

The basic premise of "Social Statistics for a Diverse Society, Sixth Edition", is that substance and statistical techniques are truly related in social science research. Therefore, the authors have tried to integrate clear explanations of statistical techniques with issues of particular relevance to society. The substantive focus of this book recognizes that students live in a world characterized by a growing diversity and richness of social differences. Using straightforward prose and emphasizing intuition and common sense, this book teaches basic statistics while incorporating real research examples related to the dynamic interplay of race, class, gender and other social variables within our society and our global neighbors. The text includes resources designed to support effective teaching: illustrations showing how statistical concepts are used to interpret social issues, guides for reading and interpreting the research literature, SPSS demonstrations, and a rich variety of exercises. This title provides a close link between the practice of statistics, important social issues, and real-world examples. This shows students that in the social sciences there is a constant interplay between social concerns and the methods of inquiry and investigation. It provides a informal writing style - coupled with the use of real-world example, the conversational writing style results in a book that is more accessible and engaging for students. A focus on race, class, gender and other aspects of social diversity is threaded throughout the book, and sets the book apart from others in the field and mirrors the major emphasis in the social sciences today. Reading the Research Literature sections in most chapters help students read and interpret statistical information in professional and scholarly publications. Integration and Review Chapters on the accompanying CD-ROM bundled with the text review the two halves of the book for descriptive and inferential statistics. Boxes and Learning Checks in chapters - Throughout the book are boxes containing information on statistics in practice and insightful tips on using various techniques. The Learning Checks allow students to test their understanding of concepts just presented. Emphasis on Computing SPSS for Windows is used throughout the book in conjunction with General Social Survey data to introduce students to one of the most commonly used analytical software packages in the field. At the end of each chapter is a demonstration of a related SPSS procedure, along with a set of exercises.

Polymer Mixing : A Self-study Guide

RRP $306.99


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